ST. Frame & Truss Co.,Ltd was established in 1992.  The company specializes in the fabrication and erection of the steel structures for factories, warehouses, commercial/trade centers, etc.  During more than decades of the operation in the field of steel structure industry, we are very confident that the management is well qualified to provide the best service as the mentioned

“Work for the Clients with the Highest Quality Standard
at the most Economical Price”

We specialize in:

Super Steel Structure: Roof Truss

Steel Structure: Petroleum Plant

Steel Structure: Automobile Factory

Tower Building

Steel Bridge


Driven by the quality of the steel structure services of ST. Frame & Truss, its brand and quality is now well-accepted by Industrial Authority of Thailand.  We also received the certification from the Provincial Industrial Authority of Phra Nakorn Sri Ayutthaya.  Moreover, ST. Frame & Truss through its excellent track record has built an impressive list of satisfied local and international customers, which include world class contractors like Obayashi, Shimizu, Takenaka, Nishimatsu, and many others.

The management was successful in pursing strict and firm policy as per quality, fulfilling orders and looking forward for everything new in the field of industry and execution.  This puts our company in an advanced position compared to its competitors to be the number one in the line of steel structure industry among Japanese Construction Company.

All our work can be accomplished within the factory, which located in Ayutthaya Province.  The Total number of employers is over 500 persons.  We employs skilled to semi-skilled engineer, shop drawers, welder, erector, mechanics, technicians, man powers, and staffs in the administrative filed.  The staffs within the company have all training and pass the qualification of Thai Industrial Office.  And many workers at the company are long serving and capable of handling the difficult assignments, so we confident that the clients will be delighted with our service.

Vision Statement

  • To archive controlled and profitable growth by continually exceeding customer expectations and standard of competitiveness, quality, and service.
  • This will be achieved through a strategy of continuous improvement and investment in people, processes, and supporting technology with the target to lead ultimately to the joint security, satisfaction, and benefit of the customer and all employees.

Moreover, for ST. Frame & Truss Co.,Ltd to be recognized as the bench mark in the steel structure industry, this will be accomplished through the perfection of product, superiority engineering, and the best customer services in the industry

Mission of Our Company

  • To work for the clients with the highest quality standard at the most economical price and delivered the best product to clients on time
  • To offer customers flexibility in design and fabrication to meet the customers’ exact requirement
Company History

ST. Frame & Truss Co.,Ltd aims the goal of “Zero Accident”. Essentially, and educational training on industrial security has been reinforced and carried out. We have sent sound regulations for safe operations. Furthermore, we also designate a professional auditor who helps to carry out these regulations.